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About Us

Our purpose is

    • to house, assist, support and empower homeless people in Somerset

    • to maximise their potential and promote independence

    • to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community are able to sustain their homes.


Why do people become homeless?


Our society has changed greatly in the last few decades.  Social problems such as family break-up and crime have increased as the bonds of society have loosened. As a result, the most vulnerable may find themselves without a roof over their heads.

We believe that homelessness is usually a symptom of more fundamental problems. The break-up of a relationship is one of the most common triggers for going on the street. Difficult family backgrounds account for many youngsters finding themselves without a permanent home. Some of those at risk, young and old, may have mental issues, be physically ill, heavy drinkers or drug users. 

Our intervention is often key to rebuilding their lives.