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The Big Sleep Out is back! Please join us for a night under the stars. 

The idea behind The Big Sleep Out is to get sponsored to sleep outside for just ONE night in order to raise valuable funds and awareness for the homeless. Although we do not wish to represent homelessness, the night will show some of the harsh realities faced by rough sleepers each night. So sleep outside with us, so that others don't have to. 

We do promise to make the night enjoyable for you and to keep you safe, warm, watered and fed! The evening will begin with hot food and some live music, with hot drinks available all night. Then, it's lights out! Tuck into your sleeping bag, get wrapped up and sleep beneath the stars until morning arrives. Wake up to a FREE breakfast, a great sense of achievement and a different outlook. 

The details...


The Big Sleep Out will be held on Friday 8th June 2018 from 6:30PM. The event finishes at 8AM the next morning, following breakfast. This may sound early, but you'll be up and ready to get into your own bed by then! 


The Taunton Football Club on Wordsworth Drive have kindly allowed us to use their carpark again - a perfect spot for our night outside. There is a second car park to safely park your car and toilets will be available on site. 

Who can take part? 

Everyone! As long as you are fit and well enough to sleep outside for one night. We ask that anyone 16 and under comes along with a guardian. You can come alone, with a friend or part of a big group! We encourage colleagues to come together too - it can be a great team building exercise! There is also a half price discount on registration fee for groups of 4 or more! (See below for registration fee info). In previous years, our youngest participant has been 5 and our eldest has been 85! If you have any doubts, please get in touch. 

What to bring? 

Please bring a warm sleeping bag or duvet (preferably waterproof though), to keep yourself warm when sleeping. It is also important that you bring lots of layers of clothing, as well as hats, gloves etc - although it will be June, the nights can get very cold so you need to make sure you can keep yourself warm! 

You are welcome to bring your own snacks, however a hot meal will be provided for a cheap price on the night (you wont need more than £5 for food and drinks!) Tents are not permitted, but you may bring other items that'll keep you comfortable, for example a sleeping mat and pillow. 

What will we provide? 

> Everyone will receive a fresh piece of cardboard to sleep on and a welcome pack with a few things to help throughout the night. 
> There will be toilets on site, and we will provide first aid support and security to keep us safe throughout the night. 
> The night will start with some live music and BBQ food (with veggie, vegan, GF options) and hot drinks will be available for a cheap price during the night. (If you're lucky, there may even be cake!)
> There will be limited undercover space for extreme weather 

I need more information: 

That's fine! Please download the list of FAQs below - or contact Rosie on 01823 271326 or email rhather@tahltd.co.uk - we are happy to help and answer all of your questions! 

Where do I sign up? 

Great! We're so pleased you're going to be joining us for the Big Sleep Out 2018. Please download the registration form and medical form below. Fill this out and return it to Rosie Hather (details on form). There is also a registration fee for participants to pay, if they are over the age of 16. The fee must be paid along with the return of your forms, by cheque, cash or bank transfer. Information of fees can be found below. There is also an opportunity to get your registration fee refunded!

Registration Fees:

Individuals 16 years old and younger: Go for free! There is no registration fee but we will need the 2 forms, along with information of who their guardian will be during the evening. 

Individuals over 16: £10 registration fee 

Groups of 4 or more: Half price registration at £5 each! (all members of the group must be older than 16) 

As well as The Big Sleep Out being an awareness raiser, it's purpose is to raise valuable funds for the homeless, and so that our Outreach Team can work hard to bring people off the streets as quickly as possible. The registration fee contributes towards this. But, there is a chance to get your registration fee refunded! All participants are expected to get sponsored for this event. If a participant raises £100, their registration fee will be refunded following the event, as long as the sponsorship money has been received. So get fundraising!!

You can find further details of the registration fees on the forms downloadable below. 


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